Does life feel like a struggle? Don’t spend time endlessly going over the problems. You just feel worse. Our approach is different. We help you realise that things can get so much better. Our special combination of psychotherapy and clinical hypnotherapy helps you make positive, lasting changes ‘quickly’.

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Malcolm & Victoria Droy - Clinical Taunton

Malcolm & Victoria Droy

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses the best, research based, psychotherapy together with the power of hypnosis. We focus on helping you develop the skills to face the future with genuine confidence.

Not all therapy is equal.
Traditional hypnotherapy focuses on ‘suggestion’ alone, which may not be lasting. Some forms of psychotherapy and counselling focus on the past which can risk deepening the problem. At our Taunton clinic
, we use and strongly recommend, a modern  ‘solution focused’ approach.  We believe that it is only when the subconscious mind turns to a positive view of the future that deep and lasting change comes about.

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Hypnosis really worked for me: I'd spent all my life eating more than was comfortable..... just a few sessions with Malcolm changed my life. Life is so much better..... I've lost weight effortlessly! Helen. Taunton

l would recommend Victoria 100%. Victoria really helped to get my brain working for me instead of against me. A lovely person who saw the bigger picture, helped put the past where it belongs, totally helping me get on with and enjoy my life. V. Wellington

After two years of suffering with fibromyalgia; hypnotherapy has proved that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hypnotherapy has made me feel like my old self again. I am more positive, more confident, more able. I may have fibromyalgia but I now control it - it no longer controls me. Gillian. Taunton

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