Therapeutic Questions: Trauma

I can help you to put the past behind you

If you have suffered a traumatic event and it is affecting your life then we can help. It might seem that the past won’t leave you, won’t allow you to move forward with your life. We can help you to put the past behind you no-matter how shocking or tragic the past events.

The human mind is an amazing thing.  Undoubtedly the most powerful and resourceful problem solving device in the known universe. However our minds developed as part of an evolutionary process, and your mind contains powerful tools for learning and dealing with danger.  In our modern lives where these ‘fight or flight’ responses are generally less useful, powerful responses or fears can nevertheless be set up. It might be straight forward fear or perhaps more complicated feelings involving anger or not being able to cope properly with life.  The mind is really trying to help us avoid future danger by reminding us of those painful experiences of the past even though the more intellectual part of our mind knows its time to put those events behind us and move on

In Solution Focused Hypnotherapy we Depressionhave some powerful tools that can  help you resolve those past events.  This needs to happen at a deep subconscious level, removing or lessening the emotional responses and enabling the strong, positive, resourceful parts of your mind to take back control. Helping you to stop focusing on the past. Putting that past behind you and allowing you to focus on the future again.  Seeing the positive possibilities in your life and moving forward again towards them.

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  • Has some horrible event happened in your life?
  • Are you troubled by difficult memories?
  • Are you scared the same bad things in your past might happen again?
  • Do you feel frightened or very anxious in some specific circumstances?
  • Are past events stopping you from enjoying life now?
  • Is your sleep affected by the same nightmare?
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